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Training Time


1pm - 2:30pm



The Edge Gym

80 Clydeview Lane

G11 7AF 


About Us

To put it simply, we are boxers of the LGBT persuasion who like to have a bit of a drink and a get together. If you already box, love to watch the sport or have been wanting to try boxing - but the thought of walking into the gym that first time has you a bit intimidated, we're here to help! 

Glas-Gay Boxing

We don't run the sessions. Bernie needs no help in any of that, we're just a social group that likes to have a bit of banter and beer once we've all knackered ourselves out training. We are purely the community side of gay boxing. 

We're a group of people with a common interest - that interest is mainly hitting each other (in a controlled environment, of course). We also like good food, coffee and occasionally dancing the night away with the beverage of your choice and gay anthems blasting through the speakers. 

It doesn't matter to us if you want to compete or spar - neither are mandatory but you have that option if you fancy it. You can come along, try a new sport, get active and meet some friendly new people along the way. 

The Edge Gym - Partick

We are incredibly fortunate to have a great boxing gym in Glasgow, with an amazing coach - Bernie Hammersley - who have opened their doors and provided a safe space of members of the LGBTI community to train. 

On Saturday afternoons The Edge Gym hosts LeGit Boxing Team - a trans safe, fully inclusive boxing session open to all members of the LGBT community, regardless of age, gender identity or fitness level - if you like boxing, we like you!

Sessions run on Saturdays at The Edge Gym - 80 Clydeview Lane, Broomhill from 1pm - 2:30pm. 

Cost: £5 (first session is free)

What to bring: comfortable sports clothing, trainers or boxing boots, hand wraps (can be bought in the gym for a fiver), water. You can bring your own gloves but there are some in the gym you can use so don't worry. 

Join the LeGit Boxing Team Facebook group here  and like The Edge Gym page here

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