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The Edge Gym

80 Clydeview Lane

G11 7AF 


Boxing 101

It can be intimidating to walk into a boxing gym. Especially if you've never picked up a set of gloves before. Never fear, we are here to help (and we're a friendly bunch). For those of you who like a bit of mental preparation beforehand here's some hints and tips for the dreaded hand wrapping and skipping. 

Hand Wrapping

First off, you're maybe wondering why you need to wrap your hands. Even with the padded gloves you can hurt your knuckles when you're doing the pads and bag work. Wrapping your hands protects all those little delicate bones in your hands, and also to stop your wrists spraining with the impact of your punches. 


There are many ways to wrap your hands - probably hundreds of videos on Youtube extolling the virtues of their preferred methods. This video shows just one method, but it's a popular one in the gym as it separates the fingers and protects the knuckles well. 

If this all seems too complicated for you just now, you can also buy gel hand wraps that just slip on your hand - no wrapping required! You can buy these from places like Sports Direct and Greaves or if you want to keep your money in the Scottish boxing scene Torra Scotia Sports in Falkirk or Musclebound in Paisley.


The dreaded skipping. Most people fear this more than the punching. If you couldn't do it as a kid in the playground, don't worry, it appears to be one of these things that's a bit easier to pick up as an adult. 

At first you will probably do the "galloping horse", until you pick up the technique but you'll be doing crossovers and high knees in no time. The trick is to keep light on the toes and to do small jumps rather than big leaps. We like fast feet in boxing, fast feet means fast hands and fast defence. 

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